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"Tiny Photographer” Screen-Printed Onesies and Toddler T-shirts

Carol Gunn

Not everyone is going to appreciate my “Tiny Photographer” t-shirt design, but those who do, really will!  I created it for a Daddy-to-be, who is a photographer and cinematographer. I asked the baby’s Mom (also a photographer) if Dad had a sentimental favorite camera. She sent me a photo of  his vintage Graflex Norita™ and  later sent another with a “more desirable” lens, saying that would be a “super geeky” touch. I told her “super geeky” was exactly what I was going for! 

I created high-contrast artwork from the photo she sent and had onesies and toddler t-shirts screen-printed by the super-cool dudes at Industry Print Shop here in Austin — they did a great job on this very detailed design! 

Printed on 100% premium cotton jersey for a soft feel that is perfect for baby’s sensitive skin.

Get one for your Tiny Photographer! 

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