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Tenacious Rex

acrobat acrobatic aerial exercise exercise class exercise clothes gift gladiolamuffingel kids' t-shirt lyra men's t-shirt racer bank racerback shirt T Rex t-shirt tank top tanktop Tenacious Rex tote bag totebag trapeze woman's t-shirt

This design was inspired by my client, Jackie Dana. She asked me to create an illustration in celebration of her recent decision to try aerials. She struggles with upper arm strength, especially on short arm hangs (also known as "T-Rex arms"). Despite her challenges with many of the basic moves on lyra (aka the aerial hoop) and trapeze, she keeps pushing herself, leading one instructor to call her “tenacious”.And so was born Tenacious Rex. She may not be the strongest one in the class (yet!), but she isn't giving up!Have you got an idea you'd like to have illustrated? If...

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Rogue NASA T-shirts and Mugs — One Year Later

Climate Climate March gladiolamuffingel March For Science March For science shirt March For Science t-shirt mug NASA; People's Climate March Rogue NASA Rogue NASA t-shirt Rogue NASA t-shirts and Mugs science not silence; science teachers Science will not be silienced scientist t-shirt

  • One year ago, the new federal administration restricted NASA's official Twitter account and removed scientific data about climate change from their website, inspiring Rogue NASA. This Rogue NASA logo by Carol Gunn of Gunn Graphics, was approved by them and is featured on adults' and youth tees, and mugs. 

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"LOVE > HATE" on Prima Dora's Giant Tulip Sign!

Hey, look at that!  My "LOVE > HATE" design is on the giant tulip sign on South Congress!

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Download March For Science sign: "Not Just Resistors, We Are Transformers"

brian nguyen electrical electrical engineer engineer March For science shirt March for science sign March For Science t-shirt meme mug Resistors science science teachers scientist scientists shirt t-shirt teachers tote bag transformers

Here's your sign for the March For Science, or the People's Climate March!  Crowdsourced from March For Science members, from a concept by Brian Nguyen, Download it, print it on 11 x 17" paper, glue it onto some cardboard, tape on a stick, and you have got a sign! A paint stirrer or a paper towel tube make excellent handles.You can find other signs, including my "Scientists March for Science" designs customized for: Archaeologists, Artists, Astronomers, Biologists, Chemists, Climatologists, Educators, Engineers, Geologists, Librarians, Mathematicians, Medical Professionals, Nurses, Oceanographers, Physicists, Programmers, Science Teachers, and Writers, here:

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A Bit of Guerrilla Marketing

One of my local vendors (Alan at Prima Dora) suggested I produce my “LOVE > HATE” design on a yard sign. Brilliant! I never would’ve thought of that!  Knowing that my friend Cyndi was an "influencer" among my target demographic, which is, basically, cool people like her who live in a cool neighborhood like Travis Heights who would put a cool sign like this in their yard, I snuck by her house when I knew she would not be home and planted one in her yard.  Sure enough, the next morning, she posted this on Facebook:   "You come home after dark...

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