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Tenacious Rex

Carol Gunn acrobat acrobatic aerial exercise exercise class exercise clothes gift gladiolamuffingel kids' t-shirt lyra men's t-shirt racer bank racerback shirt T Rex t-shirt tank top tanktop Tenacious Rex tote bag totebag trapeze woman's t-shirt

This design was inspired by my client, Jackie Dana. She asked me to create an illustration in celebration of her recent decision to try aerials. She struggles with upper arm strength, especially on short arm hangs (also known as "T-Rex arms"). Despite her challenges with many of the basic moves on lyra (aka the aerial hoop) and trapeze, she keeps pushing herself, leading one instructor to call her “tenacious”.And so was born Tenacious Rex. She may not be the strongest one in the class (yet!), but she isn't giving up!Have you got an idea you'd like to have illustrated? If...

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Holy Shit It's Christmas!

Carol Gunn Christmas Christmas Cards Christmas mug Christmas t-shirt gift gift for scientist Greeting Cards holiday mug Holiday t-shirt lapel pin Love > Hate Love is greater than Hate March For Science yard sign

I know the holidays are going to happen every year, and every year they still sneak up on me! So I created my "Holy Shit It's Christmas!" collection which captures this feeling. Thankfully, ordering online has made it easier for all of us to find the perfect gift for others, or for ourselves! The "Holy Shit It's Christmas!" t-shirt is perfect to wear to casual holiday parties (altho maybe  NSFW if you work somewhere stuffy!) or to give as a gift. "Holy Shit It's Christmas!" mugs are perfect for last-minute and "obligatory" gifts. Stuff them with chocolate, hot cocoa, and/or tiny bottles of peppermint schnapps. "Love...

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Order March For Science items soon for delivery by April 22!

Carol Gunn artists Boaty McBoatface chemist chemistry doctors educators engineers geologists geology gift librarians March For Science March For science shirt March For Science t-shirt medical professions meme Mimi Tzeng mug nurses Ocean Sciences oneanographer physicists programmers rock hammer science science teachers scientist scientists shirt t-shirt teachers tote bag writers Zack Dunn

Order soon for delivery by April 22. Allow 2-7 days for production, plus 3-5 days for shipping, depending on distance from Austin.

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Look, it's Boaty McBoatface!

Carol Gunn Boaty McBoatface gift March For Science March For science shirt Mimi Tzeng mug Ocean Sciences oneanographer science science teachers scientist scientists shirt t-shirt teachers tote bag

One of my favorites from my recent batch of Scientists March For Science Designs! I had already decided I was finished with this project when I got a a request for an Ocean Sciences design. Thanks to March for Science member, Mimi Tzeng for her suggestion to use  Boaty McBoatface for the symbol. Well, how could I refuse? One, I love the ocean, and two, BOATY MCBOATFACE!    

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Thanks Zack Dunn and March For Science members!

Carol Gunn chemist chemistry gift March For Science mug science scientist t-shirt tote bag Zack Dunn

Thanks again to the March For Science members, from whom I crowd-sourced many of my Scientists March For Science designs! I'm getting tons of great input on which branches of science to work up, and what tool/symbol would be most representative of that field. (Marshalltown trowel — who knew?!?) They were able to be so much more specific than anything I could've come up with and served as my art directors to make sure I got the designs right!  A special shout-out to Zack Dunn, who suggested I change the color of the Chemists' fist to blue to represent safety gloves. I never would...

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