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A Bit of Guerrilla Marketing

Carol Gunn

One of my local vendors (Alan at Prima Dora) suggested I produce my “LOVE > HATE” design on a yard sign. Brilliant! I never would’ve thought of that! 
Knowing that my friend Cyndi was an "influencer" among my target demographic, which is, basically, cool people like her who live in a cool neighborhood like Travis Heights who would put a cool sign like this in their yard, I snuck by her house when I knew she would not be home and planted one in her yard. 
Sure enough, the next morning, she posted this on Facebook:
"You come home after dark and notice that there is a sign in your yard! A sign you did not put there. Gnashing your teeth, you stomp to the curb to snatch it up. 
Then you illuminate it with your iPhone. And this is what you find. 
I don't know who put this here… 
But thank you.
I'm leaving it up.
This is the best mystery.”
Ha ha! My evil plan was a success! 79 people saw the post, 49 Liked it and 24 Loved it. Most importantly, two people went to Prima Dora and bought a total of 5 signs.
That's not going to set the world on fire, but it is a start (and it was a fun little caper!) 
Now, whose yard can I sneak a sign into next???

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