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Krewe of Couche Couche — Year 40

Commemorative T-shirts and tanks for the Krewe of Couche Couche.  Now celebrating our 41st year! Come join us! Ain't no dues, or fru fru stuff. Just show up! Join the Facebook group page, and message Tom Houdek for our annual news letter/schedule of events and festivities: Secret Revolutionary Ball (Saturday night), Feetsball game (Sunday afternoon), Queen Bisqueen's Crawfish Pigout (Monday night), pre-parade gathering, bus ride to the head of the Independent Parade, Krewe of Couche Couche Marching Trashcan Band (A High Noise Low Precision Marching Unit) leads the parade (bring some homemade percussion instrument to beat on — NO legitimate instruments allowed)!, bus ride back, party/Soufle de Merde pot luck dinner/bonfire (Mardi Gras Day — Tuesday). Fun, fun, fun! (Don't forget to Tip the Kitty!)